Brett Maline

Man. Myth. Wearer of things.

Genuine Jerks

A fast-paced live and video sketch group featured on good morning america, the today show, reddit's homepage, and mainstays on funny or die's homepage.

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The New Deal


An Upright Citizens Brigade house sketch team, performing every first Wednesday of the month at ucb sunset in l.a.

31 and single


an hour-long original musical about a single, not-so-good with-the-ladies 31-year-old who goes on a two-day escapade to get married in order to collect half a million dollars his great uncle left him in his will. 

new show dates coming soon. 

Kangaroo Club (series)

a lonely undercover agent who gets too attached to his marks joins a book club comprised of other lonely guys in an attempt to make genuine least friends he doesn't have to send to prison. But it turns out he might have to send these guys to prison. 

sketch rehab (non-scripted)

a group of seasoned, smart-ass sketch writers and producers find horrible online videos and give them an overhaul.